Vego Atom+ Evaporative Mini Air Cooler

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Powerful air throw with a distance of 20 feet.The Vego Atom Plus cooler has a water tank capacity of 6 litres which saves you the trouble of having to fill water over and over again. This product is also compatible with inverters, which allow you to use it even when the electricity is down, simply by connecting it with your inverter.
The advantage of using honeycomb is the fact that it utilizes water as a coolant and converts the warm and dry air to a cool and moisture laden one.
The Vego Atom Plus mini air cooler features a 3 way speed control system.The Vego Atom Plus cooler features a powerful air throw with a distance of up to 20 feet which helps in cooling even furthest corners of your room. With this feature you can be sitting at one end of your room while the cooler is at another end and still be able to experience the cool breeze.


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