eKolhapuri Traditional Handstitched Ready To Wear Typical Maharashtrain Fur Topi (Turban Safa) for Men

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The Marathi Pheta is a style of wearing a turban, exclusively found in Maharashtra. This traditional turban of Maharashtra soaked in rich colors captures the essence of a real Maratha.
The Pheta when donned gives the wearer a noble and distinct look which automatically speaks for itself without the need of any additional adornments. A symbol of pride and prestige, this head gear is worn as the sign of loyalty and love for the culture, especially during religious functions and wedding occasions. How its Made- https://youtu.be/G9yvAw6ASeM
Measurement Guide : Measure the circumference of your head from forehead and covering your ears with the help of tape. Measure the length in inches. Do note: Half to one inch may vary in measurement. Pheta is stitched in the perfect size with a tolerance of 1 inch.


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