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Noodles makes our breakfast delightful. Noodles can be prepared in 2-5 minutes very easily. Mostly kids like noodle very much.

  • Maggi Masala Noodles takes to you 20% RDA of Calcium and 10% RDA of Protein in each serve of 75 g. It is infused with a spicier taste, extra iron, calcium and protein making it improved and tastier. It is 100% vegetarian and has dietary fibre which helps digestion and assures hunger. It gives you a energetic and invigorating experience for your savor buds.

  • Chings Hakka egg noodles is prepared from the premium durum wheat flour, these noodles have been great by Capital Foods. Delicious and strong Chings Hakka egg noodles are a genuine pleasure Authentic Chinese flavours and the blend of noodles and egg is an unbeatable recipe. Chings Hakka egg noodles being high on protein and low on sugars also helps...

  • Sunfest Yippee Chinese Masala Noodles is a truly enjoyable noodle block. The instant noodles segment gets to you lip smacking noodle. This round noodle block is truly enjoyable. It is 100% vegetarian and has dietary fiber which helps digestion and satisfies lack of food. Enjoy the tanginess of masala flavoured and non-sticky noodles. It appears with a...

  • Sunfeast Yippee Magic Masala is a lip smacking noodle. The immediate noodles segment brings to you Sunfeast Yippee Masala Noodles. Easy to make and delicious to eat, it makes a great breakfast meal for those pressed for time. Even as an evening bite, mothers find it suitable to make it for their kids. This round noodle block is truly wonderful.